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BarcodeWhy Barcodes?

They're all around us! On food packaging, newspapers, magazines, official forms and even staff ID badges. This linear one dimensional form of data has dominated our way of life and is largely unnoticed due to its dimensions and format.


Robert painted his first Barcode as part of a room design. An alternative headboard for a king size bed, the Barcode itself was taken from a can of Red Bull. Robert used the standard colour scheme of black on white with the exception of one red line. This led to a commercial commission to paint several canvases for a Restaurant in Cardiff . Robert takes his inspiration from; Pop Art, the linear styles of Piet Mondrian and Bridget Reilly and also the Austrian symbolism of Gustav Klimt. Recent Commissions include a Bottle of Bollinger Champagne, a Bar of Chocolate and a Bottle of Expensive Perfume!


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